5 Things To Look For In Wedding Catering

April 16, 2016 // by

Finding the right wedding catering service (sushieventpro.com)is an essential element to planning and creating a memorable night that celebrates the union of you and someone you love, or two people you are planning a wedding for. Keep reading to learn 5 things you should look for in picking out wedding catering.

1) Look for what foods are available. The bride and groom should be able to eat their favorites on the day of their union. Having said that, all the guests deserve tasty dishes to celebrate the day too. A good wedding caterer is not likely to have a long list of dishes it offers, instead focusing on a select handful that its cooks and preparers have mastered and now specialize in.

2) Consider the affordability of any wedding caterer. The catering bill for any large event can run up quite quickly. Make sure that any caterer you are doing business with charges per plate or in a similar fashion, so that you get consistent quality per each member of the celebration gathering. Caterers that charge flat rates regardless of event size are definitely pinching pennies in the extra plates they provide.

3) Use a caterer that takes allergies, conditions and personal beliefs into account in their dinner requests. Some individuals are allergic to peanuts and shellfish, others can’t eat high-sodium foods, and others just choose to follow vegetarian or even vegan lifestyles. Make sure that everyone who attends your wedding celebration has something they can eat that matches both their health needs and their personal convictions.

4) Go with a caterer that allows wedding participants to choose their dish in advance. This is especially possible if you are going with a planned wedding with a specific guest list in attendance that you know in advance. Whenever possible, let each guest know in advance what options are available so they can choose their own meal. This makes everyone happy and avoids some things from a buffet table running out before everyone can enjoy them while leaving other wasted foods just sitting there.

Wedding Catering5) Ask what kinds of uniforms the caterers and servers are going to wear. You might automatically assume that they’d be in formal tuxedos or suits and ties or similar, but not all services do this as their standard event-wear. Check the business website for photos to see what they wear, and make sure that it is going to not clash in the inevitable photos everyone takes, or with the general decor of the event itself. Likewise, you might be running a more casually-dressed wedding on a beach, and you don’t want to subject the servers to being overdressed.

When it comes time to find the wedding catering service that is going to feed everyone at your celebration of union, there are 5 specific factors you need to take into consideration in your search. Keep in mind the dress of the caterers, the costs, the ability to select meals in advance, the possible menus, and the ability of the caterer to adapt to personal needs. For some other ideas, you might want to search forĀ Sushi Event Professionals on Yelp.