An Overview Of Traffic Court Decorum

March 28, 2016 // by

If you have to be in court in order to face a traffic ticket, one that you would like to successfully fight, there are certain rules that you need to abide by when you are in a court of law ( Although this is assumed, that proper etiquette should always be displayed, there are many things that people inadvertently do which can hurt their case. This article will address proper traffic court decorum, allowing you to present yourself in a manner that will allow you to present yourself with modesty and display proper behavior.

Traffic Court Decorum

One of the first rules to abide by is that when interacting with any type of court personnel, especially when in an official capacity, is to be as respectful as possible whether they are the bailiff, or the Judge, which also includes lawyers on either side. The Judge must be referred to as His or Her Honor. You may also say Yes Sir or simply Ma’am. You cannot bring weapons into a court of law or you will be arrested, and the proper attire must be worn in a courtroom.

Proper Dressing Code In A Courtroom

When you are in a court of law, some of the most important things to consider include never wearing any type of headwear. This includes a hat of any kind, with the exception of some religions which are allowed to wear something on their head in accordance with the religion that they are in. If you are wearing T-shirts, they should not show any type of gang affiliation or any obscene or racist language. You cannot have your underwear exposed, and sunglasses cannot be worn unless they are prescription and dim on their own.

Cell Phones Food And Cigarettes

It should be common sense that within a court of law you would not light up a cigarette. You cannot bring any type of food into the courtroom during the proceedings, nor any drinks and you cannot chew gum. You cannot video with your cell phone anything going on in the courtroom, nor can you take pictures. The use of any type of bad language is expressly prohibited, and any defacing of property will definitely land you in jail.

Other Things To Consider

It is important to leave all small children at home, something that is permissible only if you cannot find someone to watch them. No one may talk while the Judge is on the bench unless of course instructed to do so by court personnel, your lawyer, or the Judge. If you have any type of conduct that is offensive, whether this is a court transaction or testimony, you can be asked to leave the courtroom. Finally, once the court is in session, you cannot move from your chair, until the Judge decides to get up from the bench.

These are just the basic rules that you need to follow, and most of them are common sense. This would make more sense to people who grew up decades ago where classroom settings were very similar, where the teacher had full control and respect. This may be why it is so foreign to younger people about having to maintain such control. However, this is how it is in a court of law, rules that must be abided by, and is a basic summary of proper traffic court decorum.