Construction Projects that New Jersey Drivers Should Expect in 2015

August 6, 2015 // by Marcia Myers

new jersey highway constructionFinally somebody realized the need to construct the major driveways, bridges and highways in New Jersey. As a result, there will be a construction of New Jerseys bridge and highway in 2015 funded by the Last of Hurrah of the state’s Transportation Trust Fund. If you are a driver in New Jersey, then here are some of the changes to expect in 2015 and some few years to come..

1. The Exit 163 will be moved to the parkway’s right side. To achieve this, there will be a construction of six bridges, and also a replacement of the superstructures found on the existing four bridges. The work should end by 2017.

2. Exit 105 is being rebuilt, and the first phase is expected to end in June 2015. The second phase of rebuilding Exit 105 is scheduled to start and end in 2015.

3. Another major New Jersey construction are the bridges at Exits 11, 10 and 19. The bridges are being built at Exits 11, 10 and 9 in the Middle Township’s Park Way. These bridges are meant to do away with the traffic light-controlled intersections. The project will take $74 and s expected to end in 2014.

4.There is a construction of to reconfigure Jamesburg’s Turnpike Interchange 8a. This construction is meant to handle the traffic by trucks experienced in Middlesex’s distribution centers. This construction, done by New Jersey Overhead Door, is also meant to improve the connection to Route 130.

5. The slope found at the interchange 9 that runs from Route 18 south to Turnpike, and two lanes will be made wider to improve the flow of traffic and also for security in the neighborhood around. The work is supposed to end in 2015.

6. There will be some construction at the 15W interchange to Newark, Rutherford’s 16WE to Route 3 and the Oranges and 1-280. The work will take up to $1.6 million and is supposed to start in 2015.

7. The bridge in new southbound great Egg Habor found in the Somers Point, and the Upper Township. This is among the most expensive New Jersey construction projects that will take up to $131 million and is supposed to end in the middle of 2016. There is also a call to rehabilitate the northbound bridge and to demolish the old southbound span.

8. There will be an improvement on the interchange, 1-280-route 21. This enhancement will include rehabilitating and replacing the ramps and six bridges. It will also include the interchange reconfiguration. This project is supposed to start in 2015’s summer.

9. There will be merging of Route 46 will with route3 in Clifton, Woodland Park, and little falls. There will be an addition of acceleration as well as deceleration lanes and also shoulders on route 3 and route 46. The project will realign Route 46 east, hence improving the junction.

10. There will be some construction of the shifting lanes that have been giving drivers a hard time in Monmouth’s and Ocean’s Garden State Parkway. This project will include restoration of shoulders in Garden State Parkway. The Parkway will also be widened to provide both sides of the highway with full shoulders. Replacement of 20 old bridges has been completed; there are new decks on nine bridges, and also a construction of two spans has been completed.

11. There will be a construction of Pulaski Skyway and a new Witt Penn Route 7 bridge that started in 2014. There will also be some rebuilding in Ocean County’s Route 35 (12 miles) and the 1-295 connector.

12. There will be a completion of the replacement of the Bass River Bridge in 2015. This project will take a total of $57 million.

13. Replacement of Ocean county’s Route 37 eastbound Mathis Bridge will start after the season of the summer beach. Rehabilitation of the mile long bridge built in 1950 which is scheduled to begin in the fall. The project is supposed to take three years, but it will take a break in May to September 15. However, there are plans to finish the $79 million dollar project in 2018. It is also among the longest 2015 New Jersey Construction expected to take up to 3 years.

14. The widening of the Parkway to create a third lane in the South Jersey’s highway sections (Egg Harbor and Toms River) will continue as the third phase of the project that begun in 2014. The project is supposed to end in 2017.

15. Reconfiguration of interchange 14A found in Bayonne from Turnpike extension should start in January. There will be a construction of overpasses to a port facility and ramps that are meant to reduce the traffic. The project will take $179 million and is expected to end in the year 2018.

16. There will be a realignment of ramps at the interchange 15W. To prevent the overturning of trucks, and to improve the flow of traffic, there will be an extension of a median barrier. There will also be the widening of the ramp found over the Berry’s Creek Canal meant to accommodate the volume of traffic in the area.

17. To reduce weaving traffic, there will be widening, and realignment of the ramps from the toll plaza’s at the interchange ten the southbound Turnpike. The half of the project ended in October 2014 and the remaining 50 percent work is expected to end in the middle of the year 2015.

18. In Cape May County at the end of the Parkway, there will be a reconstruction of the intersection that exists in between Route 109 and Exit 0 in Lower Township. However, the project is supposed to pass a bid for the construction to take place.

19. At the exits 41 and 42 the work to build new interchanges is ending soon. The task of connecting local roads with exit 41 was scheduled to end at the end of 2014. The building of an interchange at the exit 44 is also supposed to end in the year 2025.

20. The work to move exit 163 to the Parkway’s right side has started, and the project takes up to $67.9 million. To complete the project, there will be a construction of six new bridges. There will also be a replacement of superstructures on the four bridges that are there, the project. The work is expected to end in 2017.

The major roads, the highways, the exits and lastly the bridges will undergo will be constructed and all the projects are expected to end in the year 2018.