Visiting New Orleans for 48 Hours

October 30, 2019 // by Marcia Myers

The Orleans Ballroom Worked in 1817, it was known for its theater and French Opera, yet early guests to New Orleans came here to see the rich and energizing Quadroon Balls. New Orleans’ slave laws make a different social class among whites and slaves that comprised of “free non-white individuals”. New Orleans’ slave laws depended […]

A Vacation Experience In Puerto Rico

June 9, 2018 // by Marcia Myers

Sandy shorelines, daylight, music, expressions and old stories make Puerto Rico a perfect goal for a get-away. The nearby populace takes pride in their social decent variety. A temperature of 75-85 degrees year-round makes Puerto Rico┬áCulebra International Hostel an all-season goal. Despite the fact that temperatures may ascend to around 90 degrees at twelve, the […]